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10 reasons the mom bun should be respected (not judged)

The woman with the "mom bun". We all know her. She's hard working. She's always running. She doesn't get enough sleep. She's me. She's you. She's his wife, or your sister or your best friend. There is so much beyond the "mom bun" that we just don't see or understand. But that mom bun is saying a lot!

1. Others got prioritized above her hair.

When the alarm goes off in the morning, we have every intention of getting everyone ready and everything done, but the reality is, there are too many variables and the priority of hair drops far below helping getting their teeth brushed, packing a good lunch or simply trying to be on time. In the last 1 minute before they have to, like really have to be out the door, she throws it up in a bun. But kids get dropped off and she's still on time. Mission accomplished.

2. Everything she represents is bundled up on top.

The day you become a mom everything changes. Whether that's birth mom, adopted mom, step mom, hey even dog mom, it's a responsibility that adds a whole new level of hard. Most would say she "let herself go" but really she is found a whole new her. She's mom, but a maid, a coach and a cheerleader, a listener and a doctor, a chauffeur and a chef. She's all of these things in one cute little 'do.

3. She does WHATEVER is needed to get things done.

Let me be real (and) clear here. When my baby was just weeks old and couldn't poop and nothing worked........I sat in a warm bathtub with him, massaging his belly until things could be released. That's like 18 levels beyond taking one for the team! But no matter what the task or obstacle in front of her is, she's willing to do it, and does it to the max. The mom bun just represents the focus on her to-do list and not her hair.

4. She won't give up.

The spills, the tantrums, the talking back, the schedule changes, the endless housework, the help with homework, through it all she powers through. She drops off, picks up, car pools, and cooks, and while some days she is on the edge of a cliff (we all get there), she pulls her own self back, takes a breath and says, "I got this", and moves on.

5. Woman of one, work of many.

According to a recent study, the average working mom works 98 hours a week. A WEEK! That's blood, sweat, tears and probably some poop and jelly stains, no wonder you are rocking a mom bun. These ladies get stuff done and MORE than their share. The average 40 hour work week is laughable to this powerhouse gal.

6. Strong is the's just mom life.

For many women, they learn as they go simply out of necessity. Experience is the best teacher and this mom-bun wearing female is gaining more experience than any job could ever teach you. There is no training, no manual. Mistakes and failures are daily occurrences but she learns, adapts, changes and moves on to become the best mom in the world!

7. Fears may be hidden but are not absent.

When everything is all balled up on top of your head you can't see the kinks in her hair, the jelly from breakfast, or the day old, could be third day of dry shampoo, hair. She is ambitious and goal-oriented, but she still has fears of doing it all, doing it right and being what she wanted for her family. They are all wound up in this tiny little "mom bun".

8. Business in the front....reality on the top.

Have you ever seen the process? The often reactionary, grab 'n' go process where she gathers her hair into a pineapple bulge on top of her head and wraps it with a hair band? All you should be thinking is "Boss about to get some stuff done!" It's bread from the "mom stare". Both should be taken very seriously.

9. Her hands are always full, but so is her heart.

"I only have two hands!" You hear it all the time. I've said it myself but we say it as though we are at a deficit for only having 2. The reality is we all have 2. We're all busy. The bun tells the world I'm busy, but I'm fun. I have a lot to do but I love so hard. But her hands AND her heart are full.

10. She has kids. Tiny humans she holds full responsibility for.

She's raising them into people, adults. Teaching them, feeding them, disciplining them, dressing them, driving them, supporting them and loving them. She's busy. But the mom bun more than anything, screams "I got this, and I'm rocking it!".

If you are a mom-bun wearing female, you deserve all the respect in the world! You work hard, play hard, and love hard! You rock that pineapple masterpiece, girl!

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