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10 Things To Help Working Moms Be More Productive

1. Dry Shampoo -Lange

We have ALL had mornings where we can't get our poop in a group. Somebody woke up late, someone split milk all over, someone needs to be changed and your hair just took a back seat. Not only is it healthy to not wash your hair everyday, dry shampoo is a life saver! It will pump up your roots and de-grease like you just got a blow out in minutes. I love the L'ange Dry Shampoo. They typically have awesome $9 sales every few months which is when I stock up.

2. Google Calendar

I know this looks like a crayola crayon box but it seriously does help me stay organized. Not only that, I share with my significant other and co-parenting team to keep us all in the loop for kids activities and special days. I have calendars set up for my personal, bills, business and each kid. I also am adamant about setting reminders! (Thanks Alexa) I could KNOW I need to pick up early on a day and still forget once I'm in the work mindset. I need that 15 minute "get going right now" reminder.

3. Create Good Habits

We need to get a system and be consistent in it in order for things to run more efficiently. Just as many of us have bad habits, we can also create good ones.Habits are a cause and effect kind of thing so we can train ourselves to automate our lives with triggers and planned responses. Check out my 7 things to know about habits in order to change.

4. A cleaning lady

This is something I need to get on because I spend so much of my time trying to keep my house clean. Staying on top of laundry and toys is hard enough. I try to keep chores on the list for my kids but it's not always done properly and to the extent I would like. If I had someone even once a week come in and do all the maintenance cleaning I'd be lifting a lot of time off my schedule. If you have recommendations let me know!

5. Caffeine (& SMART Ingredients)

We need caffeine purely for survival. We have a lot of energy to spent running our work day, the kids schedules and a household. Caffeine for MOST of us is a must. For me it's a non-negotiable. Beyond just the energy, a few SMART ingredients to give us extra focus, a better mood and keep us from snacking on fruit snacks make our days even easier!

If you haven't tried a sample yet, request a free one here.

6. Verizon Smart Family

This Smart Family app is a God-send if you have Verizon service. With kids being "responsible" enough to stay home and capable of doing things, let's all be honest. Without supervision, it's hard to help keep them on track or keep track of them for that matter. Through this app I can control the time she is able to use her phone WHILE allowing for trusted contacts to still be able to contact her and her them. I can set content filters and turn off her internet if she hasn't done her chores yet. It's also great because of the location feature you know where they are and can request check ins!

7. Target Delivery

I do love my Target shopping experiences because it really is an activity to me but when I have kids I think less and spend more trying to get my shopping done. I tried their new SHIPT service for the first time this last week and what a God-send! Whatever service you like most, delivery saves time and money in more ways than one and takes one thing off your plate! Check out my recent review and a deal to get started for a month free!

8. Meal prep

I'm a HUGE fan of prepping mostly because I personally make bad decisions when I don't. If it's already and I'm just throwing in my lunch bag or into the Instapot for supper, life is good.

Here are some of my favorite recipes from salads to Instapot recipes from freezer meals.

9. Apps

Let's be honest. We are in a world of apps that can either take away our attention or make our lives so much easier! I have some key apps I depend on to keep my on track for my finances, keep my dancing through the day and build my mindset. Here are 5 Apps For Business Women.

10. A team - it takes a village people - ask for help

You are NOT alone. Single parent or not, it takes a village people! I'm a huge offender of not asking for help. Somewhere I got it in my head I was failing if I didn't do it all myself. But often I find myself drowning, thus accomplishing nothing really. ASK FOR HELP! Trade time with me or another mom to accomplish what you need to. This is CRUCIAL for success and sanity.

Regardless of whether or not you use some of these tips, PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK!! You are already do amazing things multi-tasking the adult world while managing the minis! You got this girl!

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