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2 Good 2 Waste! Up to 70% off makeup!

This is the LAST day that you get to save 70% off an amazing skincare of eye makeup kit, PLUS have an opportunity to build a business or just enjoy your makeup at a discount.

I choose for the makeup first. But when I learned it also came with an opportunity, I could resist.

1) I got more time with my kids AND I got paid for it!

When I started with Younique, I didn't intend on making it a business. I wanted to save money on quality makeup. But after a few weeks of simply sharing and trying my hand at earning my makeup for free, I quickly found this could replace the income I was making without all the running around.

WHAT IF: Then I thought, What if I could have the convenience of building whenever and wherever I want and STILL accomplish the same things if not more?

2) I found a purpose and an outlet for uplifting, empowering and validating women.

When I started working with people to share what I found with these products and company, I couldn't help but see confidence growing in them which in turn validated my purpose. As I was able to empower others in their own journey, I too was empowered. I have been uplifted, empowered and validated by all my Y sisters and I want to share that with as many people as I can. EVERYONE deserves to be uplifted, to feel empowered and feel validated in this world!

Now you have to ask, WHAT DO I HAVE TO LOSE?? The answer? Nothing!

Even top beauty blogger reviews say you have nothing to lose! A recent article by Glossy said, "New sellers must also put down $99 for a starter kit that’s said to be valued at $347, and includes over 25 beauty products alongside various marketing materials and Younique merchandise. To compare, sellers must pay Rodan & Fields $45 for a business starter kit that includes only paper materials, like business cards."

You want the break down? Here it is!

FIRST, Save $300 on makeup or skincare and get $22 in rewards to spend on a future order.

You get to pick which start kit you want to start with! 1️⃣ skincare or 2️⃣ makeup


SECOND, You can either earn a 20% commission or save 20% on your own future products. NO Auto ship. NO monthly minimums.

THIRD, You can earn trips!! Not only do you have this opportunity but you also earn points to get you there right away just by signing up now!

This years incentive trip is in Cancun! I was so blessed to be able to earn the Punta Cana trip last year and spent 5 amazing days in the Dominican completely spoiled!! WORTH IT!


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