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Makeup Doesn't Make A Person | The Confidence Curve

Over the decades, makeup has been taboo, artistic, necessary and then unnecessary and around and around. The feelings associated with makeup have continually evolved. But one thing I find interesting is the correlation about feelings towards makeup and feelings about oneself. Some make think it’s “hiding” while others feel more confident. For some it’s an artistic playground or an expression of their femininity or personality. In other words, makeup is what you make it of it. It is a CHOICE!

As a “makeup lady” you might expect me to tell you something cliche’ like “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but I’m going to go with “a beautiful woman is a confident woman”. If it makes you feel more confident, do it. If you don’t care for it, don’t do it. I don’t believe at all that our self-worth lies with anything that sits “on” us. It’s what sits IN us, in our hearts. If a woman decides not to wear makeup, I think that is wonderful, but not any more wonderful than if she did decide to wear makeup. This world has enough hate than to shame for a choice to wear or not wear makeup. You should be able to “face” the world, however, you choose.

No, wearing makeup isn’t the same thing as having a positive self-image, and the latter is extremely important. But, in my personal opinion, certain cosmetics can give women a sense of control over their looks. Personally, I find that while my blond and sparse eyebrows don’t bother me most of the time, I do feel more confident when I have some shape and color. But it’s not just me “that makeup lady”. There are studies to back all this up.

Women that FEEL more confident are attractive

You could say that the people tested are more attracted because they have makeup. But did you ever think that maybe there is a level of confidence energy that’s put out that pulls them in?

Studies show that women with makeup are rated as more attractive and as better hires. That might actually be because they’re a little more confident. Researchers asked 42 female college students to imagine themselves in various situations. They were to think of themselves either wearing makeup or not wearing makeup. The study showed that women who imagined themselves in their normal cosmetic routine tended to be more self-confident and sociable. And that’s just imagining themselves in makeup (International Journal of Cosmetic Science).

However, studies have also shown that confidence is attractive and makeup is one way that research shows women feel attractive. Another study by the New York Times, women rated men sprayed with scented body spray as more attractive, EVEN THOUGH they couldn’t smell them — meaning that it was the confidence the men with body spray displayed that was attractive.

My Bottom Line

We’ve all said, “why does she wear so much makeup?” Really it’s all relative to what we think in our head is too much. But it is indeed a “surface” product, but that doesn’t mean one is superficial. Even if the effect is temporary, the confidence boost can be powerful. Don’t make it an issue of vanity but one of personal satisfaction and gain. We all have our own beauty and identity. It’s up to us to define it and harness the power of confidence and celebration of our “Youniqueness”. Remember, Makeup doesn’t Make YOU!


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