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Makeupology | Earn & Learn

A confident woman, is a beautiful woman. When you feel good, it eludes a confidence and beauty that is attractive and alluring. Cosmetics act as an enhancer and exhilarates. It spawns creativity and provides the tools for a sense of identity. Be YOUnique.

To get these products hands on with no wait, you can order right from my website. It’s processed right away with orders over $100 and others getting shipped for $5.50 on the daily. SHOP NOW

How can you feel more confident? I offer a variety of unbelievable, naturally based cosmetics that cover and color in a way that no other product I’ve ever tried has PLUS an opportunity to LEARN how to use them! Choose the best option for you!

Makeup-ology | Looking to up your makeup game? Want to earn makeup for free? What’s an entire suite of makeup lessons, all online and free? Grab a pencil and your girlfriends in an online format (or in house available) to learn the how-to of makeup application and all my best tips and tricks. Everything is complimentary to your friends, and as they get excited and buy the products we showcase, YOU earn points towards FREE makeup on my website.

Click Register Now to get your personal Makeup-ology course started.

One-On-One Makeovers | A personal experience with training for you

Finding what makes you feel beautiful is can be frustrating, but I can help!

Stay simple with flawless coverage and the right coverage or learn how to create the eyes that pop or lips that last. Try multiple colors and looks with a sit down consultation in your home, mine or anywhere! I bring my whole case, we will try multiple looks (with a professional application) and show you at the same time how you can achieve these looks themselves. It’s EMPOWERing your ability to apply yourself what is needed for your desired look. Ask me how!

Email Me to schedule a time via online or in person.

Weddings, Proms, Events, oh my! | Makeup for Special Events

Makeup can be a challenge….ok especially makeup that lasts all day! When you have a special event, the last thing you want to fail is your makeup. I can provide a full en suite of makeup products that will last all day with the ensuite of techniques that will make it work beyond what you could do.

I can be hired or be utilized free with a purchase of a collection.

Ask me how!

Email Me to schedule a time via online or in person.


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