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National Lipstick Day - July 29

It's crazy to think the longevity of lipstick. It's been on lips of women around the world for hundreds of years. Lipstick dates back to ancient Egypt where it was wore as a social status, ironically by both men AND women. There was a variety of ways that this was created before our time. They used anything that they could crush to make pigment like berries or even beetles and mixed it with oil.

Today we have much of the same types of processes but the variety of color choices and types like matte or sheen is endless.

The “lipstick effect” reveals the state of the economy; when recessions hit, lipstick sales increase as more women boost their moods with a relatively affordable purchase.


1. Endless Options

Not only are there hundreds of colors to choose from, there are tons of TYPES now. You can go from pink to brown or purple to blue and then decide if you want matte, gloss, sheen or stains. Red has pre-dominently been the most popular through the years, but now it's evolved into a cool red, warm red, peachy red and many others.

Check out our amazing lippie options in the links below. Here are some of my favorite colors!

Moodstruck Minerals Lucrative Lip Gloss | Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick | Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick

2. Confidence and Posture

Several studies have shown that people who regularly use lipstick have a better posture and higher confidence. And it seems to translate into old age women in the ages of 65 to 85 who wear lipstick seem to have significantly less problems with their posture and balance. Who knew that putting on lipstick was a form of yoga?

WEIRD BUT TRUE FACT: While all other cosmetics were rationed in Great Britain during WWII, lipstick was kept in production because Winston Churchill felt it boosted morale.

Let's Celebrate!

1. Treat yourself to a new shade!

Check out my links for a HUGE variety of color and style choices to fit every kid of lip style!

2. Share your colors on my facebook page and hashtag #nationallipstickday

Take the perfect pic and share with the world. Might as well have some fun with Lipstick day: why not post a picture of your lips to the world and your friends.

3. Throw a makeup party online or at home!

Heres a great way to hang out with your friends, to have fun trying on different shades and to discover your new favorite lipstick! This link can get you started with planning: Share the love with your friends, it’ll be fun!

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