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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be A Younique Presenter

We all want to hear just the good things. We all want to here there is something for nothing. Well first off, there's not. Everything takes something. Everything takes an investment of some sort, whether it be time, money, mental power or whatever it may be.

But listen in on a little secret. I'm going to make it real easy for you.

It's 5 reasons why you shouldn't be a Younique presenter.

(But if you want to, read until the end)

1) You don't like free makeup.

FIRST, they give you $435 in makeup and only charge you $99. (and let you leave it at that, no questions asked!)

THEN, they give away up to $250 in bonus products for getting your business running.

AND ON TOP OF THAT, they let you double dip and allow you to earn free product credit by hosting your own parties and hooking up ladies with makeup.

2) You like to wait for your monthly commissions.

They skip all the chains of distribution, and pay YOU first.

You don't have to wait until month and to get your commissions like most direct sales companies. They don't wait till you meet a certain sales quota. They just deposit your commissions within 3 hours of a sale!

3) You don't like bonuses and trips.

They give you obtainable goals and help to qualify for bonuses and free trips.

Throughout the year, there are monthly bonuses and and status qualifying perks like CASH bonuses and vacations. Ugh, in 16 days, they are sending my to Hard Rock resort in Punta cana, All inclusive with $750 resort credit.

4) You don't like being given limitless boundaries.

They don't micromanage, have time requirements, or limit the ways you can get creative sharing these products. Facebook, events, consultations etc.

5) You don't like being supported.

Younique is built with a mission to help victims of childhood sexual abuse. THe younique foundation supports thousands of these victims through a 4 day retreat program in the Utah country side. It then translates that support into a sisterhood that will support you in your business and your life. I've received more help and made new friends far beyond my team, and my sponsors.

If you are ready to get started, whether that be as a kitnapper or business builder, I would love to help you out. Feel free to reach out to me via Facebook or email, or get registered right now! Your $99 kit will ship directly to you and if you don't want to sell, cool. If you do want to share these products and earn extra income, great!

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