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Makeup and Meal Prep: The Basics

We all feel overwhelmed from time to time and it's almost always something related to lack of a plan or feeling equipped with the knowledge needed to fulfill the task correctly. Two of my biggest passions involve health and beauty but more importantly making things relatable and easier for people and empowering them to do things they truly can but don't feel so.

Planning to prepare a meal and learning the basics of makeup are essentially the same thing. You need to evaluate what you have, assess your tool situation, know a few basics, and use quality ingredients. Walk with me as we make life so much easier and save you time and hassle when it comes to your makeup and meal prep!

1. Evaluate

Like an situation in life, the first thing to do is evaluate what you have to work with. Take a quick inventory of the items you have including tools, ingredients or makeup colors and lastly time. Time is the overarching factor that will shape how you plan and proceed.

2. Tools

The right tools create the desired outcome. Using a large paint brush to detail won't give you the desired result just like using a shadow brush to line your eyes won't end well. This doesn't mean you need a different tool for every task but having a few core tools will make life much easier. Sharp knifes and mixing spoons are necessary tools just as precision angled brush, medium shadow brush and face brush are 3 staples for a makeup bag.

3. The Basics

Having the basics can allow you to do a lot of things, especially with some creative combinations. I'm all about finding more than one way to use something. Splurge Cream Shadows are one of my FAVORITES because you can do so many things with them. You can also think about substitutes. What can you use in place of something? I often use greek yogurt as a replacement for things to make things healthier but sometimes it's because it's what's readily available. I keep staples in my kitchen like olive oil just like you can have just a few core makeup products that do multiple things.

4. Quality

I'm sure you've all heard quality vs quantity but it truly does hold true. When you have a higher quality or higher concentration, you need less. It can also set the stage for the price misconception about things costing more. But if you have to buy it more often and use more and you really saving any money? Quality products last longer, taste better, stay long and really cost less in the end.

Whether you trying to meal prep or are building your makeup bag and routine, these tips can help you get exactly what you need to create multiple meals or a variety of looks.

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