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Thursdays On Target: The New App

If you know anything about me, you could say that I'm a target junkie. It's a place to get everything I need and almost always, then some. But as a busy mom, I also love things that make my life easier and save me money. Just when I thought Target couldn't get any better its added new features to it's app. They've combined cartwheel into the Target app so you have an all-in-one cartwheel scanner and wallet checkout. Load your card on to your account and with one scan at checkout your cartwheel discounts are applied and your payment is complete. You can also had your gift cards there for future use!

Why I love Cartwheel?

  • It knows my preferences

  • It sends me special coupons

  • It keeps a running tally of my savings (over $300 this last year)

  • I can find in store offers WHILE I shop

  • PLUS, I save an EXTRA 5% on EVERY purchase with the Target Debit Card!

Take your savings game a step further with the Krazy Coupon Lady!! Not only do you get the amazing deals with cartwheel and your Target card, but you can add in manufacturer coupons and items on sale and really pack a big savings punch!

Target has also added an improved indoor mapping component to its mobile app, designed to help shoppers find their way through stores and locate the products they need! It's like GPS for your shopping cart. While in the store, it will not only note the aisle number where your product is located but will show you with a blinking dot in the so

Instead of simply showing a static map, or noting the aisle number where a product can be found, the new Target application will actually show your own location on the map, as indicated by a blinking dot. Anything in life that gives me a little direction is good in my book!

You can download the Target app on the App Store and Google Play.

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