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How I love my Beloved - Let's count the ways

There are few times in life we find THE shoes, THE dress or in my case THE color. But I did and I can't get enough of it. The BeLoved Kudos Bundle includes an exclusive quad palette that is filled with all the colors you love with as many combinations as your hearts desire! This palette is selling out quickly and won't be coming back after it does. Let's not forget that you also get my favorite crease brush and a free Lip Bon Bon. It's the best of a little color and a lot of moisturizing essential oils to keep the kisser ready for love at a moments notice.

Need a little more entertainment? Check out one of these lives videos with my beautiful kids. Both entertaining. Both showing amazing looks!

Let's explore some of the looks you can create!

Let's make a good look a little more adding a toddler! I still think we complete what we need but it took a little longer.

#Kudos #makeuptutorial

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