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Spring is in the air (45 degrees in Minnesota IS spring-like)! Our new colorful pressed pigments have launched and soon to be Younique's new line of fragrances come April 1st. But most exciting for me, I will be celebrating 2 years since I started my own Younique business. Let's reflect for just a moment.

Where I was 2 years ago is nothing like where it is now and not just financially but more importantly in my confidence and skills! I've met so many people that I would have never come across if it wasn't for this business that I have built through a social network. It's given me a safe net to be able to make money whenever and wherever I want as long as I have my phone. I am SO THANKFUL for all of you that I've connected with that I want to celebrate with some BIG PLANS for March.


Forget basketball, we are doing our on tournament of Younique products. You can vote through your favorites and earn points by sharing, snagging, and scheduling. At the end I will have a beauty basket for the winner with the most points! Each week I will showcase the differences in competing products and multi-application techniques. You vote through your favorites and we will determine everyone's favorite products.

If you are part of my VIP Beauty Crew (Don't worry if you aren't. Just click to join), then you will have some opportunities for some bonuses, secrets, and specials!

PLUS, you will also get to be a part of my "Spring Into Summer" series! I'll be hitting your top beauty questions and address to change of seasons in color, formulas and applications.


Schedule your own Makeupology Class! It's a 5 day online class covering colors, styles and application tips and tricks for makeup application and skincare! AND IT'S FREE.

Did I mention you can also invite your friends and earn free makeup?? WIN-WIN!


Who doesn't love to pick their perfect look AND save 30%! This month's kudos will let you create your own sizzling look. Pick your favorite 4 pressed pigments from 34 beautiful shades in finishes like matte, metallic, satin and shimmer. then choose your lip color in our liquid lipsticks and combine with the final Epic Mascara and boom, a full look!


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