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THE 3 Steps You Need For Perfect Brows

The secret to perfect brows is so much simpler than you think. Really, easy as 1-2-3. No matter what you use, a pencil, powder or some combo of the two, you will get the best brow shape by following these 3 simple rules.

I'm using Younique's Brow Obsession Palette in Blonde and the dual-sided Brow Artist Brush. To get the right angle and length, use my 1-2-3 guide. Start your brows in line with the bridge of your nose. Connect from the tip of your nose to the center of your iris for the arch. The tail should reach beyond the outside angle of your nose and eye. So how to create the right shape? Keep reading.

1) Under

Start by creating a starting line on the bottom of your brow line. This will set the base shape of your brows. You can later brush up into your brows to soften the line or leave it nice and crisp.

2) Over

Determine thickness of your desired brow and the shape of the arch. I start on the front half and bring it up to the desired arch point. Then I will drag from that point down to the tail. The desired angle can be found by using a pencil and following from the your nose angled to line up with your iris. That's about where the arch should start and the tail should extend no longer the the outer corner of your eye, angled from your nose.

3) Fill

Don't drag your brush through your whole eyebrow. Use short, quick motions to create hair like lines to fill in the brow shape. Grab a lash comb or brush and feather in the color into your natural eyebrow hairs for a very naturally looking, finished product.

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