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The Tired Mom Takeover

Moms most often lack time for themselves, but not the desire to feel beautiful and confident and “put together”. We get a shower in but then we are jumping to waking kids up, making breakfast, packing lunches and then with whatever time is left over trying to look presentable before you leave.

Most days I'm hustling, then mom-ing, then hustling again. Then after that, if I'm lucky, I'm getting a little sleep now and then. What I'm left with is tired eyes and a pale, dull complexion. My morning takeover wakens me up and gets me feeling ready to take on the day. It leaves me with a flawless complexion and just enough color to liven me up.

Find almost of all of these products in one collection, save 15% and get an adorable purse bag to keep your stash in. The Conceal and Reveal Collection has all the basics for your face. I added just a few of my favorites.

  • The Concealer in Scarlet helps to cover up those tired bags and I finish off my face with the Liquid Touch Foundation in Velour.

  • Then I warm up the look with the Beachfront Bronzer to contour my cheeks and nose (which I also used on my eyes too).

  • I ALWAYS have to do my eyebrows to give them more shape and volume. I use the Brow Obsession Palette in Blonde with the Brow Artist Brush.

  • To light up your eyes, I used the Splurge Cream Shadow in Bittersweat and add the Epic mascara to complete the look.

  • My favorite Lip Bon Bon is the Raspberry Cheesecake. It's a soft light pink and add a little bitter of color and a 5 essential oils to help keep your lips soft and smooth!

  • Setting Spray (which is included in the collection) is the icing on the cake. It will set your face and keep it looking like fresh like you could take over the world all day long!

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