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Save & Score with These Collection Deals!

There are very few times you get massive deals on quality makeup like this and this is one of them. For the next 6 days you can get the MOST bang for your buck when you score one of our beauty collections using your own personal shopping link from me!

SAVE UP TO 32% on these collections AND earn FREE MAKEUP!

Request your shopping link and this will start you a "party". Once you have completed that, you will just click "shop" and go shopping for your collection. Share this link with your friends too because when they shop from it, you will earn even more free makeup! A purchase of at least $100 will earn you 200 points and thus $20 in Y cash (product credit) plus a half priced coupon you can use on any product or collection for up to a year!!

There is NO other deal like this and will save you the most amount of money on makeup!


#BeautyDeals #FreeMakeup

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