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Coffee Recipes To Love

I will admit, I love just a normal cup of coffee. But I know it's not everyone and even not always my cup of....well coffee either. So here are some great ways to mix things up with your RevitalU Coffee to create other delicious ways to feel better!

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This is a delicious way to start off the morning.

I get a frozen berry antioxidant blend from Target.

1 cup berries

1 cup water

1 scoop or stick of coffee and it makes this delicious and filling drink.

You can even add a little vanilla protein powder to thicken it up and get your protein count in.


I often start my morning with a protein shake so to kill two birds with one stone, this is often my go to! This is a little more elaborate but the taste is so worth an extra few minutes!

If you are an on the go person like me with no time for a blender. I throw my Costco Premier Protein Pro and a coffee stick into a blender bottle and head out.

Use this same recipe and skip the protein powder if you don't have any and it's just an iced coffee! Either of these are great for a morning delight on the way to wherever you start your day!


Make yourself a serving of oatmeal. Add a banana and a little bit of milk. Remember, a scoop or stick of revital U Coffee. Finish it off with a dash of cinnamon.

Mix it baby and you have yourself a hearty, metabolism boosting breakfast!


Pour yourself half a glass of fresh orange juice. Add a scoop or stick of revital U Smart Coffee. Stir and drink!

I prefer sunny-D. Don't worry about the color. It is basically like drinking tang. It's orange juice with a hint of "spice". It's delicious!

If you are looking to learn more about RevitalU, please contact me or visit my website.

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