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The 4 in 1 Exercise You Should Be Doing

It's #WorkoutWednesday and if you can't figure out how to burn calories on any given day, this is the way to do it. This combination of exercises burns fat, builds strength and can be done just about anywhere. It will increase your heart rate and challenge your power.

Combine these 4 exercises with 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps and you will get cardio, strength, power and agility all in one! Burpee, with push up, squat jump and box jump!


Don't let the dread of middle school gym class outweigh this amazing exercise. The burpee is simply getting down on the ground and getting back up. Any jump in these series can me modified to a walk in and out and you can modify the angle from a plank to a decline using a bench. Doing this exercise, you can burn 10-20 calories per minute depending on whether you are doing a basic burpee or combining all 4 of these.

ADD a squat

Sit back in your heals like your are going to sit (but not plop) on a chair. Return to a standing an squeeze or powder and jump up. (see box jump later)

ADD a push-up

Anyone can do them because there are so many variations. If you can't do a "regular" push-up, do one on a box. If you can't do one on a box, do one on your knees or on the wall. When you are out in your plank, add a push up before returning.

ADD a box jump

This is the final step. You can either return to a standing position, add a squat jump straight up OR make it a power house move and do a box jump. Return back to the ground and repeat this series.

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