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13 Deadly Sins Of Makeup Application

13 can be viewed as an un-lucky number but nothing is more scary than these 13 deadly makeup sins you might be making! But don't worry. I'm going to help you avoid all of these sins to keep your makeup game strong!

Deadly Sin 1: Skipping The Base

We had a primer to our walls before we paint them so the color is optimal and even. The same rule applies for your face and eye shadows. Using a primer sets the stage for your makeup to apply evenly and to the truest of color. The Face Primer will help fill in and reduce pore size for a more even application. The Eye Primer will help grab the color of your pigments to make them stay all day without creasing.

Deadly Sin 2: Not Using The Right Brush

Do you have a sponge tipped applicator?? DITCH IT! It’s time to upgrade to the big girl brushes. This eye brush set surely has you covered. You want to have the ability to apply an all-color as well as add detailed color to specific areas and be able to blend. All the components of a great overall eye look.

Deadly Sin 3: Not preparing for the fall and smear.

When I used to do makeup my old trick of the trade was dabbing a little loose powder under my eyelids to “catch” any falling color. Then once I was done I could sweep off all over the color without smearing using a fluffy face brush. Another alternative would be to hold a tissue under your lower lashes as well. More often than not, I do my eyes first and leave the face to finish at the end.

Deadly Sin 4: Clashing Colors

Sometimes finding “complimentary colors” can be difficult. It goes back to the basics of color rules. Our addiction palettes basically offer a “paint by numbers” except with a TON of options. You can mix and match palettes, or use the coordinating colors all in one. Even within each of the palettes there are a lot of looks you can creating including natural and smokey looks.

Get a Moonstruck Addiction Palette

Deadly Sin 5: Not blending enough

A common mistake is not only applying the same color all over but when you do pull in multiple colors (like from the Addiction Palettes) blending is the key to the right look. This can soften the color, move into place and create a seamless transition of color. Get the perfect blending brush.

Deadly Sin 6: “Black Eye Syndrome”

Remember being a little girl, thinking you just put it everywhere and end up looking like you have a black eye? A common “sin” is bringing color all the way up to meet your eyebrows. I like to highlight the brown bone with a light or nude-like color which enhances the overall look as well but can wash out a dark color if you got to high. Use our shine cloths for a quick easy under eye swipe to remove any color that's fallen. Tear the bigger sheets in half to get more use out of them!

Deadly Sin 7: A disappointing final number

Shadows set the stage. But luscious lashes provide the show-stopping finale.

Our 3D Fiber lashes can increase your average lash volume by up to 400%! Now that is something people will remember. Finish your eye look with lashes and your eyes will make and impact on everyone they come across.

Get your Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Deadly Sin 8: Too Much Blush

They say the "apple" of your check because it's the natural place your cheeks should have color. It's not the WHOLE cheek. It's just giving some color to the part that you want to stand out to bring life to your face. Blush isn't like the 80s product you think it is. It gives a nice youthfulness and color to your face. I love useing our luminous blush that gives a little light and shimmer with color personally but we have traditional blushers too.

Deadly Sin 9: Poor Choice of Foundation

Poor foundation choices can not only include the wrong color but the wrong formula. Applying the wrong foundation to dry skin can leave it looking patchy or flaky. Make sure your have a formula that works with your skin type. Take our Foundation Quiz to find which color is best.

Deadly Sin 10: Dodgy Eyebrows

You want to create a "frame" to your face and eyes with your brows while looking natural. The key is in the 1-2-3. Under, over, fill. Create an outline that supports your arch but defines the top and then fill in with short hair like motions. See The 3 Steps You Need For Perfect Brows

Deadly Sin 11: Mis-using Bright Colors

Bright colors should be used has accents or part of a look, not the whole look unless your going for the unicorn look. Pick a bold an compliment it with colors and shades.

Deadly Sin 12: Not finishing

You spend all that time getting ready to look your best, while risk all that hard work just smearing off or fading. That's where setting products come in. A setting powder will seal your foundation and offer a flawless finish that helps keep oil at bay and foundation in place. A setting spray is like hairspray for all your makeup. Finish off your look with one of these or both!

Deadly Sin 13: Not being confident

This one in my opinion is the biggest one of them all. You are BEAUTIFUL and your confidence will shine brighter and draw more attention than anything else. Wear what God gave you proudly no matter what makeup you are wearing if any. It should be about enhancing whats there and doing what makes you feel confident! Learn how to Celebrate Your Inner Beauty.

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