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Instapot Chicken Lime Fajitas

This is seriously the perfect meal for me. It's fast, it's clean and it sooooo tasty. You can add as much spice as you want for your personal preference but the blend and simplicity can't be beat. Whether you use a corn shell, tortilla or do what I did and make a salad, you will have a quick an easy meal made fresh for prepped and frozen that your family will love.

Some of these products are from the brand WildTree. I love this brand because it's a great healthy alternative to sodium filled flavoring for meals. Instead of using MSG, GMOs, or artificial food dyes, Wildtree products are made from natural and organic ingredients available. I've been using this in all my freezer meal prep. That's the beauty of all of it is that it can be a freezer meal or made fresh.

Here's the basic recipe. Read below for my special "dressing" for my salad.


  • 1/2 cup of Greek Yogurt Plain

  • 1 tablespoon Lime Rub

This feeds 6-8 people. You can prepare these items and freeze it or proceed with your fresh recipe and in the instant pot for around 20 minutes. If you freeze, make sure it's thoroughly thawed prior to grilling or instant pot.

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