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Girls Need These 6 Types Of Friends

Life is tough. We count on our friends for everything from support to comedic relief. It's #NationalGirlfriendsDay and we are recognizing our besties, entourage, tribe, the important people in our lives. I'm thankful to have all these types of friends in my life because they all provide something different! And at the end of the day, we all do better when we all do better so let's show up for each other.

If you don't have these types of friends to enjoy and whether life and its changes, it’s time to do a friendship audit! Here are six girlfriends that are essential to your life.

1. The Logical One

She is always be your voice of reason and looks at both sides. She will analyze all the details of the situation to help you construct the best possible solution. She's not the one to shoulder your cry but to help you make a decision. Her logic is what you need on the days when you’ve dug a hole that only she can pull you out of.

2. The Generous One

She is always asking what she can do for you. How she can help. When you are in a runt, she's the one coming over to hang out and entertain without having to ask or solve the problems. She's trustworthy enough with all your secrets but won't be making the decisions for you but they are there any time you need.

4. The Painfully Honest One

She's the one to tell you like it is, EXACTLY! This sarcastic friend will help highlight the ridiculous things you are saying to yourself and challenging you faulty logic. She comes off as pushy or aggressive but she's really the one to help you see the bottom line clearly.

5. The Motherly One

She's the one that will provide you the comfort of telling all your secrets to without judgement or frustration. She is an amazing listener and will be the reassurance you need to know you are not alone and can get through it. She's always the understanding arm around you the can instantly boost your mood.

6. The Work Buddy:

We all need a work buddy. We are there 8-10 hours a day. We better have someone we can call a friend. Not only will they make sure you get a cup of coffee before its out but they can back you up on an idea or thought process or cover for you when you are a little late. You have your own "inside jokes" and know each others quirks with a solid enough friendship to make fun of them.

7. The Comedian.

Every bunch needs one of these. They will make you laugh until you pee your pants, can be somewhat inappropriate but always provides comedic relief in any situation. They have a personality you can joke back and forth with a good to when you just need a break from the trials of life to remind you life is fun!

We all share some of these qualities and can think of friends right now that fit each of these roles. If you can't, it's time to reach out an expand your network.

Which one do you see yourself as?

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