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5 Lies Of Regular Coffee That Magic Coffee Can Fix

You have probably been telling yourself these coffee lies for a while and now you are probably confused. What's the difference between regular coffee and "magic" coffee? Isn't magic for fairy tales? Well thank the fairy Godmother that this magic is now a reality. Revital U has quickly taken over this market with it's magic because it delivers on so many things not only regular coffee can't, but provides solutions for a ton of other things you never thought of.

Lie #1: Your afternoon cup will cause rampant insomnia

Caffeine is a stimulant. Obviously. But the caffeine you consume in your post-lunch cup of is processed through the liver at a fairly quick clip, and nearly all of it (roughly 75%) is flushed out of your body within four to seven hours.

THE MAGIC... Its offers caffeine with a twist. It has L-Theanine which is an amino acid not usually found in a standard diet. It naturally increases serotonin and dopamine in the brain which relieves stress & anxiety and weakens any negative side effects of caffeine.

Lie #2: Coffee dehydrates you

You can attribute the lack of natural dehydration to all the added water in a cup of coffee. The amount of H2O in a cup makes up for the dehydrating effects of caffeine.

THE MAGIC..... offers vinitrox which is an antioxidant derived from fruit. It increases Nitric Oxide levels in the body resulting in vasodilation which lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow and enhances performance & endurance. You will still want to make sure to have an ongoing supply of water to move this through your body.

Lie #3: Coffee will cure your hangover

Regular coffee might make you feel a little less groggy, and more alert (as coffee is prone to do). But trust me, it won't cure your hangover.

THE MAGIC...contains Alpha-GPC that will encourage brain alertness and memory function and will provide clarity. Chromium Polynicotinate will regulate blood sugar. Its metabolizes glucose for essential energy and helps reduce your "hangover" cravings from the blood sugar drop and will get you back on your feet sooner.

Lie #4: Coffee helps you lose weight

You know supermodels live on a diet of cigs and coffee, right? Well, the stimulating effects of caffeine can slightly -- very slightly -- increase your metabolism, but not enough to make a dent in your diet, especially in terms of long-term weight loss.

THE MAGIC.... has special ingredients to help stimulate........which acts as an appetite suppressant. Octodrine and Octopamine will break down fat cells and burn fat.

Lie #5: All coffee has the same amount of caffeine

Not all coffees are brewed the same, and some cups have a hell of a lot more caffeine. For instance, McDonald’s has a measly 9.1 milligrams per fluid ounce as compared to the massive 20 milligram cup of Starbucks. Not all coffee is created equal, and this can definitely explain why some joe makes you a little more amped than others.

THE MAGIC....Has 100 mg of caffeine which is a typical cup of coffee. The premium coffee extract is imported from India and reduces oxidative stress. It's the perfect amount of caffeine to get you up, focused and alert.

If you are looking for all these health benefits, I'd love to get you a free day sample pack!

Head to and just pay shipping!

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