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This #30daychallenge will CHANGE you!

The holidays are fast approaching. We're stressed. We're about to overeat at events. We still have this goal of looking good at family gatherings and holiday parties. You just need 30 days and that's enough to change your life. Sounds dramatic maybe but I promise you it's worth a look. When you are facing exhaustion, busy brain, struggles with weight loss, it's time to take charge and revitalize your life. That's exactly what RevitalU is grounded in being, "A Sample First Company".

"I had tried everything and said "why not?". From February to May I lost 20 pounds and felt AMAZING!"

This month I am challenging you to give this a try risk-free for 30 days, just one cup or capsule a day. If at day 29 you aren't feeling it or seeing it, you can return for a full refund of the product cost. You have nothing to lose FINANCIALLY but may lose fatigue, exhaustion, cravings, weight and inches. Imagine showing up to your family holiday events with more energy and a trimmer figure. Winning!

What's in it for you in ADDITION to feeling and looking better?

  • All who purchase during this challenge will be entered to win a FREE MONTH of product! I will draw more than 1 person based on the amount of people who participate. SIGN ME UP

  • Everyone who's already a customer can share with family and friends and earn a free month too! Just help 3 people by getting them started on this challenge! Send me their name and then SEND THEM HERE

  • Anyone who is so pumped to help others and wants to join me as an influencer, I will give you a $25 gift card which is 25% of your investment to get started and includes 50 digital samples to send out to get you started! BECOME A BRAND INFLUENCER.

Watch this testimonial video from a GUY talking about how much life (and his pant size) has changed for him.

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