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I Pulled A Clark Griswold...sort of

We have ALL had the low moments. The ones that make you want to lose your marbles! When you just think you couldn't take anymore, life throws you another dagger and all that you've held together falls apart.

You know the scene right?........

After a little stress.....ok a few months of things that I'll choose to bypass for the sake of time but it felt like the weight of the world on my shoulders. But then came Thanksgiving and I had so much to be thankful for. Things were getting sorted in a way I thought meant wheels were in motion going forward. Then a fire in my home changed everything. It brought terror, panic, pain and of course stress. I didn't know for a good 48 hours what to feel, what was going to happen or what to do next. But I pulled a Clark Griswold. He is after all inspiring!

No, I didn't go A-Wol and use every PG-13 insult under the sun (although watching him do it provided some relief). It's one of the most epic :30 second rants of all time. It's one we all want to do sometimes, but the bigger picture "Clark Griswold moment" is what his intentions were before and how we resolved it after that I'm referring to.


He's a family guy. His motivation, his center, his sense of worth is how he provides for his family. He puts his heart and soul into an aggressive work ethic just so that he can give his family what he wants. So the entire reasoning is there. His motives are solid. His end game is honorable. His reaction is raw, real and reasonable. So no judgement whatsover. We should aim to show up on the daily without the expectation of any reward.


He was disappointed. How couldn't you be? Things didn't go his way. He planned it all out and other circumstances changed the outcome. But what did he change? HIS REACTION! Sure he freaked out but only for a moment. FIRST, he freaked out and then he FIGURED it out. We all sometimes need a minute to let it out and decompress. But let it be that, a moment, and move on. It's not a destination. He told his boss just how it hurt him and others like him, standing up for his belief but not expecting a change. You can't control that. Thankfully a change did occur because someone else chose to change, but the point is, YOUR RESPONSE = THE OUTCOME. It's not the event. It's a small part of the reaction. Event (10%) + Reaction (90%) = Outcome

So here's the deal, It's ok to plan. It's ok to freak out. It's ok to worry! But when things happen, choose your response wisely and move forward. The only thing that happens when you sit, sulk and complain, is that smoke turns to soot on your being and creates cloud on your soul layer by layer. Pull a Clark and get on with it. First, freak out, then FIGURE IT OUT.

You will be ok. Life is full of seasons, hills, valleys and scene changes. The only way out of one is to keep moving towards the next!

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