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5 Survival Items For Hotel Life

You never expect to have to leave your home. Especially not during the holiday season. Thankfully we were blessed with accommodations at a hotel until we figure things out but still working and trying to live a normal life, I needed a few essentials to help me get through day to day.

Here are my top 5 survival items for this season of my life.

1. Workout shoes

You can workout anywhere but good shoes make for the best workouts. These aren't my favorite shoes but all I could grab that weren't filled with smoke. I could go without and still make it work but I need that extra support for a lot of what I do. I did also grab my jump rope but a TON of workouts can be done without equipment.

2. L'ANGE Dry Shampoo

We have 4 people in a small space. I can't always get the luxury of showering in the morning so showering at night, I require a little morning pick me up to get normal looking hair. This is the BEST dry shampoo I've used. Lightweight, airy and it works awesome! I can still style my hair after. Many I've tried make my hair big and frizzy but not this one! Use Code ONLY9 and get for $9!

3. RevitalU Coffee

It's chaotic. No one is sleeping well. I not only need caffeine but something to help me with the daily stress, the lack of focus and the need to keep my body on some sort of routine. Plus it helps keep me from snacking all over since that's a lot of what we have. Request a sample OR try a month risk free!

4. Younique Night Time Correcting Cream

Nothing is worse than SUPER dry skin and the film I swear that comes from hotel water. It's like a nightly facial to put this on my face! I'm nourishing my skin in a way that it protects it, enhances it and provides additional moisture for my skin to survive! Grab Yourself A Jar!

5. Purpose Driven Life Book

This book as survived a lot of "seasons" with me. I've had it since 2013 and attempt to go through it every year. It's always a challenge both from a time perspective but as a mental challenge. It's an area of my life I still struggle with but I couldn't think of a better time and "season" in my life to power through this and discover what my life is meant for. Get Your Copy.

Know that we have SOOOO many blessings around us if we look for them. We may not always have everything we want, everything that's convenient, all the luxuries that we want, but be grateful and thankful for everything you do have and turn your focus to those! Happy holidays!

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