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5 Apps To Make Entrepreneur Life Easier

It can be hard to hustle on the side let alone running a full blown business. You have to be the accountant, the marketer and everything in between. While it's important to arm yourselves with professionals to help you truly succeed, these are some apps that I swear by to keep me organized and professionalMint

It's the ONE place all your accounts can be viewed together. Checking, Mortgage, Credit Cards, literally everything. You can set up budgets (with alerts), categorize transactions which is great for budgets and for taxes, and you can set up rules to remember transactions as they come in. It's a life saver and reminds me when bills are and where I'm spending the most!

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See title graphic above. This is the ultimate for anyone branding or marketing. You can also create easy flyers and invitations. I use it for all my blog graphics, cover photos and any other things I'm doing to help brand my business.

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Word Swag

I'm a HUGE fan of quotes. This app has a lot of great templates and ready-made quotes but you can also load your own photos and add your own quotes in. Plus the "add logo" feature is built in and easy to include your logo on any graphic.

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Viva Video

This is a great way to create videos for fun or business. You can easily add music, speed things up or slow them down and save them to distribute however you want. You can also mix in photos and add text. Very easy to use!

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I love creating playlists and listening to others to keep me motivated. I do pay the monthly fee on this to be able to listen anywhere even without wi-fi. They also create playlists for you based on what you enjoy and they have a ton of great podcasts. My top favorites are Tony Robbins, Brendon Bruchard and Rachel Hollis.

Google Play Store | Apple Store

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