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Contouring Like A Queen

Contouring and highlighting can add dimension and change your face shape. It will help you accentuate the features you want and diminish the features you aren't fond of.

Increase the pout in your lip, slim down your nose, intensify your jawline or cheekbones, even reduce your forehead size with these easy tips.

1. Know your face shape.

You want to define what you are going for. If your face is wide, maybe you want it to appear narrower. If you want to bring out your cheekbones, you will need to find the hollow part to diminish. With the nose, you can go a little bit narrower at the tip or you can carry it into the brow if you have a shorter nose to add length or width. Only highlight what you want to enhance or give "lift" to. Check out the face shape guide below.

2. Blend it out

Depending on the type of formula you use, you will adjust your blending tool. If it's a cream based product, you a damp blending bud. If it's a powder based product, use a brush that will allow you to soften the product with circular strokes like this Powder/Concealer Brush.

3. Set it

Once you've completed your contouring and highlighting no matter what formula, you want to set it so it stays. It's best to set with a translucent powder like this Setting Powder.

Check out my before and after!

Watch how quick and simple it is with the Dual Contour and Highlight stick from Younique.

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