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How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

Nothing is worse than the process of the glue and the lashes and the sticky and the eyelids stuck together. Believe me, I've been through it all. I wasn't interested in the cost or maintenance of lash extensions but my itty-bitty lashes needed help! And I found something!

Enter Magnetic Lashes! My saving lash grace!

They go on like a sandwich as best as I can describe it. Your natural lashes are the meat and the magnetic lashes are like the bun. Depending on the kind you go with (I use the 3 magnet lashes), it's literally as easy as 1-2-3. Now there is a learning curve when you are first using them but follow these easy steps and you'll be rocking luscious lashes every day!

Step 1 - Prep Them

I keep them in the magnetic case CURVED for at least a day. This will help them fit more easily over the natural curve of your eye.

Step 2 - Prep Your Eyes

You will get a seamless look by tight-lining your lash line to give the illusion of a full base. Add your mascara to define your natural lashes and give them something to hold on to.

Step 3 - Apply Corner To Corner

Start at one corner and connect them and follow to the middle and to other side. This will ensure the tightest application.

If you don't have them, snag your magnetic lash set from me and get free shipping.

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