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RevitalU Did THIS To Me

You probably are skeptical of this "smart" product and what the truth is. I know I was. I tried it, just to prove it wrong. If you have read MY STORY, you may already know how it changed my life. But maybe you still don't believe me. Pictures do speak 1,000 words.

Here are personal notes from MY customers about their experiences with the different formulas we offer. See for yourself what you are missing out on.

Beth - Capsules

"Hey Beth! Just wanted to let you know I am currently on day 5 of the capsules. It has definitely helped with my energy level during the day and I feel I have a much clearer head on my shoulders as far as the work day goes. I think it has also helped decrease my appetite and increase my water intake. I am hoping in the days/weeks to come I see some results and feel results on a physical level. All I am doing on a physical level is walking daily so I'm def not hitting the gym (and if I'm being completely honest, I don't really plan on that, lol) Anyways, just wanted to give you an update. All is good, happy customer as of now Happy Friday!"

Laura S - Coffee

Margo - Coffee

Rachel M - Capsules

Hey all! I uploaded my results shown here! I've been taking my revitalu capsule every day since November 26. I've been struggling trying to lose my last postpartum weight of 10lbs. With my insane schedule of nursing school, a busy 3.5 year old and 14 month old at home with me every day, I can never get out and exercise (cannot wait for those summer walk days!). Today, on the bottom, shows a pretty good difference! I made the mistake and didn't take measurements and found out my scale is broken (ha! It indicated I gained 15lbs and clearly that is wrong) but I can feel the difference in these jeans and other clothes! I love my capsules! Thanks RevitalU and Beth Blanchard!

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