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Create Your Dream Bedroom (FOR CHEAP!)

I was ready for a change. I wanted something that was soft and contemporary but brought me joy. Thanks Tidying Up! But this room does it. I'm so in love with our new room!

Here are my tips for putting together your dream room. Don't forget to check some super deals below!

1. Find A Color Palette

I love having an accent wall. I thought the pink might be too much but it's really well balanced with all the furniture and decor. I chose grey as my main core color and pink as a secondary to add the soft look. Working off of those two colors I used different textures to offer contrast and a "3rd color".

I used Behr paint from Home Depot, Magnetic Grey and Pink Posies.

2. Mix and Match Textiles

Especially with basic colors like white, pink and grey, you can create dimension and depth by mixing different textiles. Patterns plus solids are a great way to mix things up. I chose to add the "Good Morning Gorgeous" wall art from Hobby Lobby with wood in the decor, textured pillows and a plush throw blanket to offset the satin comforter set and matte walls. I also picked up some cute candle holders from the Dollar Spot at Target.

3. DIY It

There is A LOT of videos on the internet and pins that make doing things yourself so much easier. Paint for sure is one thing you can do yourself but even small projects like my mirror project that will add some design element but also make the room appear bigger. I used a basic white mirror from Target and applied some trim I spray painted, cut and attached to the mirror with a super glue.

Shopping at Target? Save up to 25% on home items + an extra 15% on rugs and lighting with code March. Valid 3/3-3/9.


What's In This Picture?

Grey Bedding and Pillows - Target

Gray Throw Blanket - Shopko

Gray Curtains - Target

Grey Lamps - Target

Furniture - Ikea

Mirrors - Target

Wall Decor - Hobby Lobby

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