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3 Things To Stop Apologizing For

We live in a culture that apologizes way too often for things we shouldn't. Take accidentally bumping into someone on the street. "I'm sorry" is our natural response. But what are WE sorry for? Existing? WE're sorry when something out of our control happens to someone. WE're sorry for succeeding over someone else. There is a place and time for an actual apology but let's stop being sorry for things we shouldn't be. Maybe you aren't even saying "I'm sorry" but your actions are. Don't think for a second that you can't fully embrace and go after things you desire to have in life because someone else has a different view.

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1. Stop Apologizing For Having Big Dreams

Dreams motivate us. They help guide our direction. And when backed with ACTION they become realities. Hollis says "Dreams are goals with their workboots on." You SHOULD have big dreams. Higher dreams, create higher goals. Higher goals means growth + action on your part. All of these things YOU choose. Thoughts are things. What we think, we become. You don't have to apologize for how crazy they might seem to someone. That says more about their limiting beliefs. Write them down IN DETAIL and let that be your focus. What you focus on, you get more of. Hollis suggests a daily ritual of 10/10/1. Envision yourself in 10 Years and who that person is, what they live like, look like, IN DETAIL. Then daily write those 10 Dreams as if they have already happened. "I have a million dollars in the bank." Then write 1 Goal. What can you do right now to make that dream happen or get you closer to it. DREAM BIG and be unapollogetic in your pursuit of them.

2. Stop Apologizing For Wanting To Be A Working Mom

We think we have to be one or another and if we have both we aren't good at either. This work-life balance expectation is unfair! Let's be honest. You can't give 110% to both. We don't have super powers as much as it seems we do. But it IS ok! Hollis believes "Work-life balance is a myth." She instead puts her energy toward being centered. Some days you will give more to one than the other. Some days you will have to make sacrifices. Both jobs are hard! In my experience, these women are great examples for kids that show them project management and dedication but also show them the same person who wears a suit and lead a team can also give the best hugs and love relentlessly. You can have your own goals and dreams AND be a great mom! Their are cross over skills learned in both! My kids have taught me a lot about leadership and my career has taught me a lot about managing a household effectively.

3. Stop Apologizing For Others Opinions

I cared about what everyone thought about every decision I made from clothes to college and how they would think of me if I made the "wrong one". I was easily convinced one way or the other because I was never grounded in my own truth. We often place our TRUTHS in others opinions. But like Hollis says, "Someone else's opinion of you, is none of your business!" They don't get to decide who you become. They don't pay your bills. Their opinion is not grounded in any other reality other than the weight you give it. Opinions do seep in so take it with a grain of salt, and weight it against facts. If someone says "you'll never succeed", weigh that against all of the FACTS, the times that you've proven that not to be true.

Ladies, we are meant to be unique. We are built to become the best versions of ourselves, if we work at it but most importantly if we allow it! You are already amazing!

But, if you need more convincing.......


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