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3 Email Tips To Start or Grow Your List TODAY

"Don't build your house on borrowed land."

Many think just having a social media presence will be the only things you need to build your business. While social media is a great tool to reach and build your audience, it's limiting. It's the "rented land" that we have no control over. But email, now that we can control.


Pick Your Platform

Choosing a platform will be important because it takes time to do all the things you really should be doing to maximize your communication process. However, you aren't married to it. The great thing is your email list is YOURS. But here are a few things to think about.

  • What is already available for the website builder you are using?

  • Are automations available for new subscribers, appointments booked or birthdays?

  • Does this integrate with my current POS or CRM?

  • What templates are available?

  • What are the fees for my list size?


Create a free offer

Gone are the days of loading up tons of contacts from some list you got "underground". You must have permission to get in someone's inbox. You want to GAIN their interest AND permission and the best way to do this is by offering content that serves them! Quick wins for THEM are the key! Here are just a few ideas!

  • Downloadable guide

  • Infographic

  • Challenge

  • Training

  • Coupon code

Check out my freebie and the sequence of how we do step #3!


Create the opt-in

Most of the time this is content you already have or is already available to you but may just need a tweak. Remember that a training could be a blog, or a quote become a training. Maybe you created an infographic that could be use for the opt-in. Make sure you hit these key steps.

  • Showcase "What's in it for them"

  • Have a landing page or opt-in page where they can sign up

  • Create and automated email sequence to deliver that content

  • Post it EVERYWHERE! Pop, your facebook page or bio, pinterest. Get more ideas with the business builder kit on this!


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