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3 Ways To Build A Life Like You Build Muscle

The goal in the gym is to work your muscle to failure, intentionally. That is when it rebuilds. The same is true in life. In order for you to grow you have to go through the work of building.

My gym time is my "me" time and a place where my mind is the most clear. As I was evaluating where I"m at in life and where I want to be, I began thinking how similar the concepts of a building a better life and building muscle are. They both require 3 simple but very important things.


They always say success isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. It takes time to build and cultivate change in your life just like it does at the gym. Maybe you start with one set, or one mile or 1 minute of intense cardio, but the first thing is to start. The second is to keep building on to that. Over time you build up that endurance. When you do that with new skills, a business, relationships in life, you reach bigger and better things over time by increasing your strength and stamina in whatever facet you are working in. Which brings me to my next point.


It takes constant action to keep building towards your goals. Once you've got a pattern of building on your successes, increase the weights, reps or time AND you do that consistently, you start to see big progress! I find two keys when it comes to consistency. The first is time blocking. I make my gym sessions like an appointment and I don't cancel on myself. I will block out an hour on my calendar and will focus on 1 activity for that designated amount of timeframe. The second part is habits. Doing things over and over creates a new habit. You will create a cause and effect relationship with a new way of doing things that will help you to stay consistent. Consistent action over time is what gets you to the next level.

Feed It

To achieve fitness goals you need the right nutrition combined with the right trainer or equipment. In life, you need the right support mechanisms in your life too. Constantly making deposits into yourself with keep your mental wealth growing. This can be the in the form of personal development books, podcasts, conferences which are all great ways to keep learning and growing. Another important element can be right in your circle. They say you tend to become the 5 people your most often surround yourself with so find a positive tribe that keeps you reaching for higher and better. it doesn't mean you have a to ditch your current circle but think very hard about how you can involved yourself with a like-minded group to move you further towards your goal, hold you accountable and cheer you on.

I have been pretty strict the last month or two on making my physcial health a priority including both activity and sleep! I'm being consistent in my pattern, building on what I'm doing and listening to audio books while I do it. I'm hitting all 3 from a physical standpoint so now it's time for my mind! I'm excited to start with a new group called the Courageous Collective and will help me take my mind and business to a whole new level!


What's holding you back?

Fear, self-confidence, excuses, discipline, comparison?

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