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4 Power Parenting Alexa Secrets

Moms ALWAYS have their work cut out for them. Stay at home moms, I don't know how you keep up with creativity. For me, this new normal is a serious shift now working at home WHILE the kids are here needing not just attention but educational guidance. STRUGGLE BUS! (here are a few tips for that too!)

But seriously, for those of us trying to multi task with the best of them with no help, Alexa can provide a little relief. While I am in no way suggesting letting Alexa do all the parenting, I am suggesting to call her up for reinforcement! There are PLENTY of things that she can do that will not only help keep your family entertained but also organized, and even settle arguments! Oh yes!



  • CHORE CHART: This is a new discovery and while it takes a tiny bit of set up, it is so worth it. My kids compete with it to see who can get things done first, it keeps them busy and I get some house work done during MY work day. Win-win! Once set up, just ask Alexa "What are my chores today?" or "Log a chore".

  • REMINDERS: Kids needs structure, ESPECIALLY mine. I use time blocking for myself so we used a similar technique. I set up 5 - 45 minute blocks with 15 minute breaks with 90 minutes for lunch and recess after the 1st 3. I include a "choice time" and "creative time" in those blocks for art, music, whatever is outside of the core subjects. These pop up on the Alexa in our "school" area.


  • ANIMAL WORKOUT: This is a great "gym class" and with education about the different animals. It will help your kids burn off that extra energy and get out the wiggles. This is a great break activity and fit perfectly into our time blocks. If you have a video screen, you get to see a picture of the animal too which my little guy loves. If have some space and want to workout WITH them, we do this as a full HIIT workout.

  • FREEZE DANCE: This is a great "free-time" activity that lets them get the wiggles out and is basically unassisted. My 5 year old knows how to start it and run the rules. They play music and have you dance a certain style or as a certain animal which is fun and entertaining. Each round, whoever moves is eliminated and they will keep going until someone is left standing.


  • KIDS COURT: My kids are ALWAYS arguing about something so this was a fun way to pass off the blame and job of handling these arguments to Alexa, plus it takes up some time so thats helpful when you are working.

  • WHO'S TURN IS IT: If your kids always debate about who's turn it is to watch a movie, pick a show or choose the game, this will be perfect. Customize with Blueprint the names and answers to make it relevant for YOUR kids and situations.

Bedtime Routine

  • Bedtime Explorers: This has been a life saver for our active guy. It includes imaginative meditative journeys that even send me into a sleep zone. They can pick three story types and choose an animal. These episodes are about 10 minutes long. Get your kids prepared in advance by saying “Alexa, ask Bedtime Explorers to set a bedtime reminder for 7pm”.

  • Disney Stories: All the stories and characters we know and love brought to life in an audio story. You will get short story interpretations of the various classics and newer movies including Big Hero 6 and Inside Out. Getting story time is our kids favorite.

REMEMBER THIS!! We are all doing the best we can with what we have. But hopefully this provided you a little more on the say of "what we have"! Keep up with good work parents!

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