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5 Audible Books Every Boss Babe Should Grab

Boss it Up! by Lindsay Teague Moreno

I stumbled across her on social media. you know they somehow guide you where you need to go. She was the unapologetic mom who really love working. Of course she loved her kids but her calling was growing a business. This book helped my mom guilt for wanting more in my business and gave specific ways to take charge and grow my business. Her humorous and honest approach to helping other women succeed is just what many of us need.

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

If you heard of Girl, Wash Your Face, you are probably living under a rug. This sequel but certainly not #2 to that book I think challenges you in a whole new way. We need to stop saying sorry for our ideas, our success and our drive. Rachel challenges you to embrace those passions within and go after what you want. It inspired me so much here are 3 Things I decided to stop apologizing for.

The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

There is often a force that holds us back from achieving what we deserve and what we've really worked hard for. It's time we identify what that is and forge ahead. Female self doubt is a common theme and keeps us "small" especially in business. This book addresses that theme and how to break through and will challenge you to rise above.

A Place Of Yes: 10 Rules of Getting Everything You Want Out Of Life by Bethenny Franekl

Sure, she's a housewives reality star and has appeared in many other shows. She's also the head of SkinnyGirl cocktails. She's also a heck of an entrepreneur and has some awesome wisdom to share that can change the way you live your life. She has "started over" so many times, growing every time. She will inspire you to pull out your inner badass and achieve those things that you think are just out of reach!

Unstoppable: 9 Principles for Unlimited Success In Business & Life by Kelly Roach

She is a powerhouse! She has been at the bottom and built her way to a 7-figure business. She inspires alone with her voice but her content is easily consumed and is paired with a great pdf guide. I couldn't believe how many golden nuggets were in this book. They really challenged my thinking and help me level up in my approach to building my business. She will help you crush the doubts, focus on financial abundance and set your future trajectory on fire!

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