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5 Lessons I learned from Elle Woods

Yes, it’s been 15 years since this classic (in my opinion) debuted IT'S SEQUEL but after watching the original again, I realized there were a lot of great lessons that were presented in this movie. An “unlikely to succeed past Beverly Hills life blonde” becomes a highly regarded and intuitive lawyer from Harvard. But her journey shows that being authentically and fearlessly you is not only achievable and desirable but leads you along the path you are meant to be on to achieve the greatness you were planned for.

Here are 5 lessons I learned.

1) Let your fearless flag fly.

A label is just a description of someone’s perception of you. Don’t change it. Challenge it. She may have been “blonde” but she didn’t let that define her path or capabilities. She let it fuel here and push her to accomplish things at a bigger level. It’s ok to have high standards for yourself! Do it the “Elle Woods” way. (Insert your own name).

2) Taking care of yourself is good for you.

Relaxing with a massage, getting pampered or sweating it out are necessary to keep moving forward. Your body and brain need a break from the drive to reenergize and refuel. A vehicle that runs on fumes is or never does any maintenance slowly ruins its engine whereas stopping for fuel or doing oil changes regularly keeps the car in peak condition.

3) Treat obstacles as challenges to overcome.

Treat every hardship and obstacles in life as something exciting to overcome. There are no bad or good experiences, they are all learning experiences. Sometimes those obstacles serve as a test to determine your dedication and focus.

4) Don’t be afraid to follow your wildest dreams.

Even when everyone tells you you’re crazy, always follow your dreams. They are yours. Own them. Prove the haters wrong by staying the course because hard work eventually pays off.

5) Value yourself.

Know your worth and that you are perfectly made. Never settle for anything less than you deserve. Be PROUD and yourself when you accomplish what you set out to do. You’ve earned it!

Listen to my #MotivationMondayMinute on this topic!

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