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5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dad

I've learned a ton of things from my dad like how to fish, golf, and look for puns in every opportunity. But there are some really specific lessons that have stuck out in my head and made a huge difference in my life.

1 Be resourceful

I've seen him spatula out the last of the mustard jar and master composting. Nothing could go to waste. He could come up with a meal with what's left in the fridge. He once was left at a tradeshow where his entire shipment didn't show up. He came up with a guess to win game for when it would arrive. So he still accomplished getting leads which was the goal of the event. When something didn't go right, he would quickly search for the next best solution. He's taught me to actively look for other alternatives to solve a problems and utilize and leverage what I have access to.

2 Be humble

Being humble really gets a bad rap. It doesn't mean to think less of yourself, it actually simply means to think of yourself less. My dad would never boast about accomplishments or possessions, he let his actions speak for his ideals. He has always been a fantastic listener and dedicated friend. He taught me to be able to recognize my faults and to be grateful for everything that I have.

3 This too shall pass

I'm pretty sure this started with HIS dad but I was taught that there are moments and seasons in life. Nothing is permanent. It won't be the end of the world. Whether I was going through an embarrassing middle school moment or break up, he could always help give perspective to the situation with these 3 simple words.

4 Love is a verb

We grow up with Disney movies and think love is magical. That someone will come and sweep you off your feet. That its all feelings and butterflies. In all actuality, it is an action. It's giving grace when I've screwed up for the millionth time. It's being patient as I try on my 18th prom dress. Its telling me you love me all through the "I hate you" teenage years. He taught me all the facets of love that have nothing to do with magic and feeling and everything to do with choice.

5 How to show up

He may have been late or maybe even missed a few competitions but he was there, cheering me on in his "proud dad" shirt. But it was far beyond physically showing up. Its washing the outfit I need tomorrow but didn't tell you about until 9pm. It was picking me up when I was in trouble and not saying a word because he knew I already knew it was wrong. It was sitting through Clueless for the 4th time. It was letting 60 middle school kids run all over his house because I had to be the hostess with the themed parties. It was all the little things he probably thought I didn't notice that I'm so thankful for because I can share that with my kids now.

I wouldn't be able to be the parent I am today or really gotten through life thus far without my dad. I'm so thankful for the example he set, the person he is and the values he's instilled in me. I love you, dad. Happy Father's Day.

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