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5 "Musts" for Working Moms (especially in a pandemic)

Being a working mom was already a balancing act. This doesn't mean anything towards any stay-at-home mom, it's just different. I've never been a believer in full and equal "work-life" balance because as a mom, it just doesn't exist. You are constantly filling up a tiny water cup to run and dump in a bucket with a whole. No clear winners. BUT, I do have a few ways I've been using these tricks to survive this pandemic!

Have a Game plan (not a schedule)

I've always been a planner so when covid hit, my planner was virtually useless. I started looking at my days differently and came up with a "Game Plan" strategy. It focused on what are my top "movers" that I could get done,that would move the needle and I could consider myself successful. Plus I had to be intentional about connecting with people, getting activity and drinking water. Yes, I need all these reminders! Plus, I used technology to work FOR me. Check out my Power Parenting secrets on Alexa.

Print out my Daily Game Plan and give it a whirl!

Download PDF • 29KB

Drive-up Ordering

This hopefully stays a thing because it's come to be expected for dang near anything and everything. Ordering groceries online and using curbside pick-up or delivery not only saves time AND ensures that you don’t forget anything, but if you are a grazer kind of shopper like me, it saves me a boat load of money since I'm not picking up random things I don't need!

Freezer meals

About once a month I spend a Sunday making up freezer meals that are easy to grab and make without a ton of prep work. I often will throw it frozen in my instapot and set the timer to start about a half hour before we are all home (thanks technology) so it unthaws during the day and is ready upon arrival. Even without that added button luxury, the actual cook time of freezer meals is usually short. Here is one of my favorites, Cilantro Lime Chicken.

Get Real With Your Boss

Being a working mom does NOT mean you will be a less productive employee. However, changes will definitely occur. With this pandemic, nearly EVERYONE has had to shift so there is a little more understanding in work places. I personally had major schedule changes with my kids so I talked to my boss, blocked those times on my calendar that I needed to attend, and ensure I get my workload done in the time I've committed. When I make it work with my schedule, it works and therefore everyone wins.


Give yourself some dang grace!!

Read that again!

We are all "winging" it in one way or another..... even "the Karen". Motherhood isn't a science or a system. It's different for everyone. What works for her doesn't necessarily work for you. That's ok!

REMEMBER, even in your weakest moments, your kids still think you are amazing!

So no, you are not "failing anyone".

Take a peak at this video and you will immediately feel understood! It's happened to us all! You are doing just fine!

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