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5 Myths About "Smart Coffee" You Probably Believe

1. You don't like traditional coffee so you can't drink this

I would have thought the same thing. As a regular coffee drinker it was different to me at first too but the coolest part is the versatility.

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⚠️You may come to consider yourself a barista.

2. It will get you jacked up

The amount of caffeine is no more than a regular cup of coffee. It's the combined ingredients of natural energy boosters that keeps you going all day. Of course it has caffeine (125mg is all) It contains L-Theanine which is known as the "feel-good" amino acid that assists with calming effects on the brain.

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⚠️It may cause you to get more done, be nicer to your kids and enjoy your daily life!

3. You can't lose weight without changing your diet (or working out)

One reason I tried this was because I HAD a strict diet and workout and things weren't budging. I chose this as a company because being in the fitness industry for years, I saw SOOO many people struggle with "all the things to change" to make something work. This is just one thing, and it really does work. You have energy to do more, you eat less and it burns fat. SIMPLE!

⚠️You may need to purchase a new, flattering wardrobe.

4. If you don't want weight loss you can't benefit from it.

WRONG-O! Sometimes we need energy just to finish out the day! We have a lot going on and I would be chugging energy drinks 4-5 times a day in between each new "commitment" I was running to. I'd wash laundry 5 times because I could never remember where I left off and of course they never got folded. But now I can knock it all out with just one a day.

⚠️You may feel like finishing ALL the laundry, all at once!

5. This tub couldn't make you money.

Oh, but dear? What if it could? I had NO intention of starting a business. Didn't even plan on it working. I just but a month and said we will see if this even works. But once it did, I joined because when I started sharing (and showing) the difference, people wanted some.

A $99 investment made me over $1,000 in ONE MONTH! It could change your financial future! Learn More.

⚠️This could cause a surplus in your bank account.

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