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7 Things To Know About Habits In Order To Change

Habits make up our entire life. It's day in and day out. Some are great others pull us back from what we could become. If you are ready for a change than here is your challenge! Let's pick it a part and understand what they are, how they work and make plans to become better.

1) Understand what are habits

We hardly notice most of our habits. They are the automatic, daily rituals that we do without thinking. It all comes from the Basil Ganglia (I know super technical right!?). What it does is recalls patterns and acts on them. Your brain converts a sequence of actions into an automatic routine and stores them as habits. The latest research shows that habits are so ingrained in our brains that we keep acting in accordance with them even when we no longer benefit from them. That's crazy! 40% of what we do is determined not by decisions but by habits. This is why we need to pay attention to them!

2) The good vs bad

You hear "bad habit" all the time but there are tons of good habits. We are just associating the word wrong. We all have habits and we activate hundreds every single day. If you think about it, they can really be divided up into 3 categories; Good, bad and automatic.

The automatic ones we tend to forget because they are second nature things like tying our shoelaces or brushing our teeth. The GOOD ones are the ones we work hard at and often see as "goals" like exercising, eating well or getting enough sleep. Then there is the "bad" habits like smoking, procrastinating or overspending.

3) How to break them

For most of us breaking the bad ones are usually our first priority.

  • Form a Trigger – A trigger is a ritual you use right before executing your habit. If you wanted to quit smoking you could practice snapping your fingers each time you felt the urge to pick up a cigarette. Disrupt the pattern.

  • Replace Lost Needs – If you are giving up something in your habit, make sure you are adequately replacing any needs you’ve lost. This is totally how I operate. When I quit smoking, we started "plank breaks" at work. Good distraction and good wake up.

  • Know the Benefits – Familiarize yourself with the benefits of making a change. Get books that show the benefits of regular exercise. Obviously quitting smoking includes logical benefits but for me it was positioning the benefit of being there for my kids.

4) How to create them

This is a little bit brain rewiring. Just because you've always done it that way doesn't mean its the best way.

  • Anchor Your Habit In Another One - Find something you are already doing on a consistent basis and attach the new habit. For example, I wake up, take my meds, take my shower, and then make my RevitalU coffee while I get ready. Simply find a habit you already consistently do and then anchor it with a new behavior.

  • Set the commitment level low - The danger of relying on motivation alone to form a new habit is that you don’t have a backup plan for when you’re not in the mood. It’s more important to stay consistent with say your activity habit and not miss a day than it is to hit the 30 minutes you set.

  • Reward yourself along the way - A new habit doesn’t have to be boring. Focus on building a reward system into the process so you can take time to celebrate the successful completion of your goals. For me, I love new exercise clothes or a glass of wine.

5) Get accountability

People do better when they are being observed. Sharing your progress makes it harder to fail. (hint: peer pressure) The reasoning is simple—when you are held accountable for your actions, you will work harder. I have created an online space where I will help provide resources that I have found helpful (I'm working on this too!), support, and the community can check in and cheer you on. It's the Challenge 2 Change.

I've searched for ways to be a better version of me and that means following all of these habit ideas. I'm here to help you on your own 30-day journey. Change is HARD. With tools, resources and support, you can change your life for the better in 30 days! Covering both MIND & BODY, we will take on the bad habits and create new ones.

✔️ Daily motivation ✔️ Habit tips and resources ✔️ Fitness & Recipe ideas ✔️ Community Support

If you struggle with weight loss, fatigue or mental focus, add ONE THING to your day. Choose a ☕coffee, 💊capsule or 🍫cocoa formula and create a daily habit.

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6) Track it

All of this sounds good until you put it on paper so you can SEE how you are doing. Budgeting is a HUGE place where you have to see it. If you aren't documenting you really have no ideas how you are doing.

What can you track?

  • Taking daily supplements (or RevitalU Products)

  • Sleep

  • Water consumption

  • Caloric intake

  • No soda (coffee/alcohol/junk food/etc)

  • Exercise

  • Cook at home

  • Giving up 1 food

  • Work on a project

  • Personal Development


It saves energy — Instead of deciding what to do in each moment, you just follow you’ve already laid out. That way, you avoid decision fatigue

It offers rewards — Each time you check off a habit on your calendar, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment. That positive feeling will help reinforce the behavior.

It provides feedback — Every day you use your calendar, you’ll collect data. That data can then be used to improve your performance in the future.

7) Trial and Error

"If at first you don't succeed, try and try again." There is success and there is learning. "Failure" to me only means you've stopped trying. Learn from every opportunity and event in your life and you will be truly rich. There will be modifications you need to make a long the way based on your circumstances and capabilities. If you "tried to quit" and it didn't work, try something else. Just because THAT didn't work doesn't mean something else can't. I suffer from autoimmune and inflammation disease. Weight loss was so tricky. I worked out, I ate well and still struggled with fatigue and weigh loss. Then came RevitalU and EVERYTHING changed. I found what really worked for me!

If weight loss, energy, sleep or mental focus are on your list of things to change, take the RevitalU 30 Day Challenge. Why 30 Days?

30 days of consistent use is the key to seeing true results

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