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9 Beauty Tricks Every Mom Should Know

Mom-ing is hard. We are constantly pressed for time, are being interrupted or struggling to multi-task. Having time for a full glam routine is almost always out of the question but wanting to still feel confident is a must! Here are 9 beauty tricks that will help you get glam and still get everyone out the door on time!

1. Don't Skip Moisturizer

Often times women think if their face is oily they shouldn't use moisturizer. If you’re noticing that your face makeup is making your skin look dry, then start applying moisturizer to your face every day before you put your makeup on. After you’ve applied the moisturizer, wait a few minutes to let it soak in before applying your face makeup. Otherwise, it might end up looking oily, and that’s never a good thing either. A BONUS is using one with an SPF like this Renewing Day Cream to protect your face in the sun.

2. Apply Concealer In A “V” Shape

If you have bags under your eyes and need to cover them up, apply your concealer in a “V”shape directly under your eye instead of the usual U shape. This will reflect more light and make your face look brighter and more awake. I'm using Younique's Skin Perfecting Concealer in Scarlet and a blending bud and slowly working it out to blend in with my skin.

3. Fill In Eyebrows

If you have thin or even non existent eyebrows, filling them in with an eyebrow pencil or color can do wonders for your face. It will make you look more awake, thinner, and it will define your face. I do this every day because mine are almost invisible. I use the Brow Obsession Palette in Blonde and the Brow Artist Brush.

4. Wear Dark Eyes Or Dark Lips – Not Both

Wearing both dark lipstick and dark eye makeup can actually make you look a little like a clown. They don’t balance very well, and it just ends up looking like too much makeup. Instead, opt for either/or. If you want to wear bold lips, then keep your eye makeup light and natural. If you want to have the dark, smokey eyes for a night out, opt for a more natural, nude lip shade.

5. Tight-line The Top and Lighten The Bottom

We all have those days where our eyes look a little more tired than we would like. Heck, as a mom, that’s probably every day for me! To help make your eyes look more alert, add a little black to your upper water line to emphasize lashes and brown on your bottom lashline. This will keep your lower eye looking lighter than the top and will draw the attention to your top lashes.

6. Put A Card Behind Your Lashes

We are always in a rush and I for one am notorious for bumping my lid or making a mess with my mascara. Grab a business card of even piece of paper and use it as a background for mascara application. It will help keep them separated as well! PLUS, the Epic Mascara will keep them separated and even curl them!

7. Apply Foundation To Lips Before Lipstick

Wearing lipstick can be frustrating because it seems like before you’ve even left the house it’s already coming off. To help it stay put, apply a little foundation or concealer to your lips before putting on your lipstick. This will create a base for your lip color and will help it last longer.

8. Always Remove Your Makeup

Always, always, always!! Every single time you don't remove your makeup at night you are aging your skin a full week! Yikes! I know I don't need any help doing that. My kids do that for me! My favorite go-to for those nights a barely make it to bed without falling asleep is the Younique Shine Cloths. They not only remove makeup but hydrate and treat your skin and it's so easy!

9. Start Treating Your Skin Early

Let's be honest. Time is NEVER on our side. Over time and with genetics, your skin will lose collagen and elacticity and start creating lines and wrinkles. The earlier your start a regiment the better. This Uplift Beauty Serum is great for your full face. It replenishes natural oils your skin looses and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Catch the full video, quick tutorial of my tips and tricks!

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