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Baby Food Combos They LOVE

I started exploring this homemade baby food, not because I have all the time in the world. The exact opposite actually. However, the appeal of using the food we have, doing it alongside my regular weekly meal prep, but it saves money and gives me the satisfaction of creating healthy meals for my baby.

I started simply with your traditional "1-step" bases like sweet potatoes, mangos, peas, and pears which were some of her favorites. As I got more comfortable, I started exploring other combinations. Trying to find ways to pull in the vegetables and other protein or nutrient sources was a little complicated, but thankfully there's a lot of info out there.

Here's what I came up with.

Carrot Apple Mango: She wasn't a big fan of carrots but this way she ate it all up!

Avocado Pineapple Mango: Avocado thickens it up and is a great healthy fat.

Blueberry Chickpea: This was totally off the wally but again, she loved it.

Sweet potato Apple Cinnamon: She loves sweet potatoes but this combo was next level.

My first round at making baby food was VERY simple, one ingredient type combos. Playing around with getting in more nutrition and flavor palettes has paid off in the short run and I hope will in the long run as well!

Key Tools: These two things made everything super quick and simple.

Multi-Purpose Steamer Epicure - Seriously its a life AND time saver. ALL of these things that needed steaming were thrown in here for a few minutes and all was done!

Baby Bullet & Freezer Storage Mold - You could use a regular bullet too but this kit also comes with harder silicone molds for freezing and easy-to-store in the fridge containers. The quality of those items is key. I had a flimsy mold and it wasn't as easy to work with.

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