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Choosing Courage (& Kindness) Over Comfort

In many ways this chose me. Let me explain. The last 2 years have ups for sure but also included a series of events that have pulled me, pushed me, swirled me under water and left me out to dry. As a "procrastinator" (fear of failure archetype), I've been struggling to get myself back into the mindset of momentum. As I explored, researched and dug into how to get unstuck, I found ways to connect and help others do the same and a platform to help them do that. Introducing the "COURAGE OVER COMFORT" podcast!

Part of this process included an "interview" in the form of a mock podcast. I enlisted one of my bestest friends to help me, Danielle Teal. Her narrative and kindness crusade are inspiring, our conversation is challenging yet delightful and this mock podcast turned into a launch with a powerful story to share!

"Being nice is being agreeable. Being kind is character and advocacy. You can still be kind and opinionated." -Danielle

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