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Creating Change and Taking Names with Courage

This week on the Courage Over Comfort podcast, we learn, don't bet Brooke. She'll prove you wrong! In a small high school, where weight lifting for women was non-existent, a small "challenge" of squatting a bar (averaging 45 pounds) was the only fuel she needed to start what would become her career and business, Brooke's Body Shop. Despite any judgment or bullying, she kept going. It's common that "haters" are a part of the success journey but enduring it is not for the faint of heart. Brooke Muenzenberger gives us insight on more than just fitness and nutrition. We talk about bullying, reinventing the norm, and going against the grain.

Her big tips......

  • Think for yourself

  • Work on your credibility. Do the work

  • Don't take it personally. Only YOU get to define you.

  • Follow the 80/20 rule

  • Time blocking is your game changer

With 2020 hitting and goals galore, if a virtual trainer is something that would fit in your schedule and a nutritionist is what your body needs, Brooke is your girl! Check out her Facebook page Brooke's Body Shop.

Let's chat with Brooke!

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