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Fearless Female: Kayla Brekke

I've created a new weekly feature to recognize amazing people I've come across that are helping others change their lives in a positive way and represent a type of fearlessness that we can all learn from and be inspired by. This week's Fearless Female, is my friend and my RevitalU sponsor, Kayla Brekke.

It was about 3 years ago I got connected through Kayla through my new Younique business. She was considered my "upline" leader. Right away, we connected and a dug in to how she was representing herself and her business, growing a team and building he brand. I was always impressed with all she presented to her team and to the market about her products. She was always teaching and presenting them in a way that helped people understand, learn and grow. I mean a winged liner is hard! I got the opportunity to travel to a convention with her and truly see how she was building, leading and growing within her own organization and the company. It was inspiring. She is know a top income earner with RevitalU living her best life! After a change in her health, a blessing of a baby, she became focused on building a legacy for her family and a life they've only dreamed of. Pictured above is a dream home purchased with blood, sweat and tears from this week's fearless female!

Why I Picked Kayla.

  1. She does it scared. Being fearless doesn't mean she doesn't have fear. It just means that she does things in spite of that fear. Knowing her personally, I know there has been times of doubt, but she pushes that aside and says "Not Today Satan" and she forges ahead.

  2. She's a goal-getter. She sees where she wants to be and holds true to the vision and creates a plan to get her there. It isn't in all the details or tasks but the authenticity of who she is working to become that she continues to push, work and slay those goals.

  3. She paves her own way. She doesn't wait for someone to tell her how to do something. She figures out her own way to do it. She learns by trial and error what works and what doesn't and builds on the things that do work. There is no one way to do something.

I have appreciated getting to know her, getting to watch her grow and lead and continue to be inspired by the things she's doing with a fearlessness and authenticity.

Kayla, What advice would you give to someone living in fear?

"I would say fear is a liar. The things you're scared of are likely not as bad as you think! I've done a lot of things I was scared of and I always look back and think "that wasn't so bad!" When you do something you have fears about, you should feel proud every time you overcome an obstacle like that! Doing hard things will mold you into the person you aspire to be."

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