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Fearless Female: Kelly Mares

It isn't about the absence of fear, but doing things in spite of it. Each Friday I recognize amazing females I've come across that are helping others change their lives in a positive way and represent a type of fearlessness that we can all learn from and be inspired by.

Her heart is big and her hair game is strong. Meet Kelly Mares.

You would never think you could develop relationships over Facebook but that is EXACTLY how this friendship came to be. I don't even recall how this actually went down but I had opened myself up to "making friends on Facebook". I thought it was ridiculous. But what I found is it makes perfect sense in today's world of busyness and wanting connection on commonalities. We had daughters both interested in cheerleading, passion for our businesses and sharing with people and thus found each other. Never having met before, when my house fire occurred, she was one of the first people to our hotel bearing sweet gifts for my family. I felt so grateful to be connected to her and still am.

Why I chose Kelly:

1. She is genuine

Everything about this girl is exactly who she is in her heart. She puts it out there with no visible fear for the world to see. Her vibrant energy is attractive and contagious as is her laugh. Kelly is a friend to so many even ones she's never met before. Very few people these days live and present in such a genuine way.

2. She provides value

Every day Kelly is doing lives on Facebook about real, raw, and relevant topics that we can ALL learn from. She's taking what she has learned and sharing it so we can all do better in life. I love her daily tips on improving our every day lives one step at a time. She is absolutely worth a follow. Check out one of her videos on fear below.

3. She is passionate.

You can see her heart and soul in everything she does. Every time I see her live I can feel her energy. Even in the little voice messages she lives she is passionate, energetic and full of life. She's the kind of person you feel more positive around just because they are radiating that. Everyone needs this kind of light in their life.

We Kelly has to say about fear:

"My best piece of advice when you are facing fear is push yourself through it, weigh out the pros and the cons by mentally thinking it through and also physically writing it down. Also while going through fear surround yourself with those who are going to help push you through it."

Here are her 6 tips on overcoming fear.

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