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#FreestyleFridayFitness | Hit the Deck

It’s #FreestyleFridayFitness! Let’s have a little fun and change up our fitness game for an amazing workout with your own “guide”. Grab a deck of cards whether you are at home or hotel room and get a great workout with no equipment needed! A full deck lasts about 45 minutes.

The Rules:

Each of the four suits in a deck of cards represents a different exercise, and the card value equals the number of reps. Each card drawn must be completed before moving on to the next. 30-second rests are only allowed in-between cards. You can pick any 4 exercises if you want but I prefer to do 2 strength, 2 cardio and 1 abdominal exercise for a full well-rounded workout.

The Game:

Numbers = The number of reps that must be done. (Jack/Queen/King are 12)

Spades: Kettlebell Swings (you can use a weighted ball, a weight, or just do the exercise)

Diamonds: Push up with shoulder tap (alternate by tapping the opposite arm to opposite shoulder) Drop to your knees if you aren’t ready for a full push up yet. (you’ll get there!)

Clubs: Tuck Jumps – Start small and go for a smaller jump. Eventually, work towards pulling your knees up to your chest. If you need low impact, squat and alternate lifting one knee up when you stand up

Hearts: Burpees – Take each step as you can and modify for your level. Level 1 can tuck down and walk each leg out to plank, return and jump up.

ALL ACES: Hold a plank for 30 seconds


Deck of cards for abs:

  • Hearts = standard crunches

  • Spades = bicyles

  • Clubs = left side oblique crunches

  • Diamonds = right side oblique crunches

  • Jacks = 30 sec. mountain climbers

  • Queens = 30 sec. plank

  • Kings = 30 sec. lying leg-lift

  • Aces = 30 sec. scissor legs

Deck of cards for booty:

  • Hearts = squats

  • Spades = lunges

  • Clubs = glute kickbacks

  • Diamonds = sliding leg curls

  • Jacks = 15 second wall sit

  • Queens = 30 sec. hip raises

  • Kings = 7 burpees

  • Ace = 5 jump squats

Deck of cards cardio:

  • Hearts = high knees

  • Spades = jumping jacks

  • Clubs = booty-kickers

  • Diamonds = mountain climbers

  • Jacks = 30 sec. run in place

  • Queens = 30 sec. march in place

  • Kings = 5 burpees

  • Ace = 5 tuck jumps

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