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How to Condition Your Mind

We are creatures of habit. There are so many things we do automatically without even thinking, many things a result of conditioning. Your morning routine is one of those things that typically is very cyclical, once you get up that is! For me, I'm not a morning person and am a habitual "snooze presser". Tony Robins says you have to "command and demand" those things that you struggle to do until they become habit. You don't have to FEEL like it, you have to train it. You need to consciously decide!

FOCUS is so dang important! Why? Because it GROWS Whatever you feed grows. Whatever you focus on gets bigger (and better).

Here's what you should consider about your focus.

Feel It Out - What are you truly focusing on? Be honest!

Opportunity - What options do you have that produce the results you want.

Current State - Evaluate how you are REALLY doing and what you are giving time to.

Understand your distractions - Know what gets in the way and put barriers to those.

Straight ahead - Look forward. Keep taking action. Continued movement is key.

Ask yourself these 3 questions

Do you focus on what you HAVE or what you are MISSING?

When you feeling overwhelmed, it's usually a focus on what is missing that's the biggest contributor. You don't have enough money, or time, or house, or stuff. Ever notice when you get a new car how you now see them EVERYWHERE!? That's focus.

Do you focus on what you can control or what you can't control?

Nothing makes a person more crazy that constantly be chasing after things they have no control over only to be disappointed when it doesn't go their way. "Insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting a different result!" Things you can control include your part, your response, your actions, your choices. Focus on those and you will find yourself more productive and less stressed.

Do you focus on the past, present or future?

The past is only meant to serve as a learning tool. That's it. This is kind of a trick question. Most of us would say the future because that's where we are going and we are talking about achieving goals. While looking towards the future is important, we must no negate the present! Being present while pursuing your future, is the key to ultimate fulfillment.

Dive deeper into this concept of conditioning below!

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