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How To Have a Thinner Thanksgiving

The holidays are an abundance of family, love......and overindulgence and can be nutritional suicide, IF YOU LET IT! But remember, there are plenty of good alternatives and ways to keep yourself in check that won't leave you feeling immobile the next day! Instead of opting out of eating your thanksgiving favorites and quietly munching on a small salad instead, try to find healthy substitutes for classic dishes.

Here are some suggestions for food swaps from MyFitnessPal that you can make on Thanksgiving day with some great recipes I have found and loved.

Accomplishing your weight loss and health goals means understanding how to balance your meals and enjoy your favorite holiday foods in moderation. Your mouth will water over these delicious substitutes and you'll end the holiday guilt-free.

  • Instead of white potatoes, try yams with the skin on.

  • Instead of mashed potatoes, try half white potatoes and half pureed cauliflower.

  • Instead of candied sweet potatoes, try roasted butternut squash.

  • Instead of canned cranberry sauce, try cranberry chutney.

  • Instead of pecan pie, try pumpkin pie.

  • Instead of cheese and cracker appetizers, try cut up veggies, hummus and roasted red pepper dip.

  • Instead of roasted nuts and trail mix, try raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and pecans.

  • Instead of beer, try dry red or white wine.

  • Instead of regular stuffing, try whole grain stuffing.

  • Instead of butter oil for basting, try low sodium vegetable oil mixed with white wine.

  • Instead of cream of mushrooms or celery soups for caseroles, try lowfat plain yogurt with sauteed celery or mushrooms.

  • Instead of green bean caserole, try sauteed green beans.

  • Instead of apple pie, try apple crumble.

How much exercise does it take a person to burn off a 3000 calorie Thanksgiving Day meal?

  • 5 Hours of Cardio on an Elliptical Machine

  • Run at a moderate pace for 4 hours

  • Swim for 5 hours

  • Walk for 30 miles

  • Garden for 7 consecutive hours

  • 9 Hours of Aqua Aerobics

  • 5 Hours of Moderate to Intense Zumba

Don't let the holiday season cause you headaches when it comes time to celebrate! Not only could you have more energy, a brighter mood and eat way less but you could also drop a dress size too!

One cup of cocoa or coffee or a quick pop and go capsule a day could change your holiday overindulgence to a celebration!


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