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💖Love Your Dang Self First

It's Valentine's Day and it's all Be Mine, Hug Me, I'm Yours, but what it should be a reminder of is that love needs to begin with ourselves. instead of "Be Mine", just "Be Fine" and love who you are.

We are our own biggest critic. We certainly don't hold anyone else to the standard we hold ourselves. I know as a mom its easy to give without any reward but we often don't stop to show ourselves any love, pat ourselves on the back for a job well done or just feel good about ourselves.

Let me be clear. Self love isn't about being conceinted. Self love is the appreciation for yourself, keeping your cup full so you can give to others. Your relationship with yourself is the most defining factor in shaping the kind of life you live.

The words we tell ourselves are POWERFUL! So make sure they are positive. Your beliefs will steer your boat including the ones you believe about yourself. Maybe you aren't there yet, but start saying them. Repetition creates a mindset shift.

I AM worthy.

I AM valuable.

I AM beautiful.

I AM unique.

I AM enough.

I AM successful.

I AM capable.

The more you say these things, the more you believe them. And the more you believe them, the more you become them! My mission is helping build others up the way that I was built from a hole to become who I am today. When we lift each other up we all succeed. "All boats rise with the tide." Self-love can have a ripple effect because when we love ourselves, we can love others more fully.

So what should you be GIVING yourself this Valentine's Day?

Give yourself a break.

Give yourself grace.

Give yourself time.

Give yourself patience.

Give yourself power. Give yourself value.

Give yourself love.

We would NEVER walk into someone else's house and say "This house is so messy, you are a pig". The things we wouldn't say to others, we shouldn't tell ourselves!

Here what one of my favorites Kristina Kuzmic says about this!

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