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Mom, Marketer, Makeup girl.....DJ?

Now I'm sure you are probably thinking "what do these have to do with each other?". See I'm always evolving, always trying new things, always wanting to learn and grow. Interestingly enough though, ALL of them have to do with connecting to people and connecting them to each other. I have a huge heart for people and as a marketer, a mom, a makeup girl, fitness instructor, and now DJ, I seek to entertain, engage, inspire, and inform.

I have recently accepted a position as a weekend "On-Air Personality" with Townsquare Media. They are the leader in not just local radio. They are a media, entertainment and digital solutions company on a national scale. You'll find my words on their station blogs and Facebook with air time starting tomorrow on the weekends! Tune in to my debut on 106.9 KROC or listen online in the 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM time slot.

The value in opportunities is all in how you look at them. It's like the glass half full or empty question. This is an amazing creative outlet and satisfies a desire to write and entertain. My advice, do what makes you happy. Do something you love. Find something you love and can have fun with.

Check out my first two online articles!

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