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My Favorite Watermelon Salad (with Cheese!)

It's #NationalWatermelonDay which means I'm celebrating with one of my favorite fruits! WATERMELON! This is my go-to salad when I want something fruity, fresh and filling! I chop up watermelon cubes, throw in some blueberries and sprinkle feta cheese and toss it all. So simple!

Looking for another twist? Try Watermelon with the Feta Cheese, red onion and MINT! It's a refreshing summer dish!


1. Antioxidants: Vitamin C and Lycopene

2. Protection Against Diabetes

3. L-citrulline for Recovery

4. Heart Healthy Summertime Treat

5. Reduction of Severity and Frequency of Asthma Attacks

6. Helps You Lose Weight Faster

7. The Potassium in Watermelon Protects Nerve Function

8. Eradicate Inflammation

9. Helps Balance Your pH

10. Prevents Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

11. Reduces Your Risk of Developing Periodontal Disease

12. Digestive Aid

13. Watermelon Aids The Kidney

#Recipes #cleaneating

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